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World Book Night February 6, 2012

I often read more than one novel per week. In the last two weeks I read a whole lot of amazing books —  Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, Wendy and the Lost Boys — a biography of Wendy Wasserstein, and, The Devil in the White City, a National Book Award finalist about the 19th century world fair in Chicago. As I read, the world of the book rolls out before me in my mind, like a film. For many people, that is not the case. I clearly remember the book that helped me turn the corner, at age 8, from reluctant reader to voracious reader. It was Annie Oakley, Little Sure Shot, from a series of biographies of the childhoods of famous Americans. I still own that book. For me it is a book of magic — it changed my life and transformed me into a reader.

What if you had the power to turn a reluctant reader into a voracious reader? World Book Night gives us all the power to change a person’s life in that way. It is a free program that gives books to readers so they can give them away to people who haven’t yet caught the book bug.

I just signed up! I’m so excited, and hope that I am chosen to give books away. For more information on World Book Night, follow the link below!


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