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Whale Watching Wonders February 1, 2015

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One of my school garden sites is across the street from the beach. The other day, taking a group of kindergartners down to the garden, we saw spouts out in the ocean! Today, my children and I went whale watching on a Hornblower boat out of San Diego bay. Sometimes you see whales, and sometimes you don’t. The captain was fabulous, great at spotting animals and, while being polite to other boats and respectful of the animals, gave us time to really enjoy watching them.

On the way out, we saw a pod of Pacific White-sided dolphins who body-surfed in the prow wake of our boat for a long time.

We saw at least 20 Grey Whale spouts, and watched three for a long time. Then, out on the horizon, the captain spotted something unusual.  A small humpback whale, breaching! We stayed with it for an hour, cheering it on.  IMG_0517IMG_0519 IMG_0533 IMG_0520IMG_0537


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