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Creating Westlandia in the Garden February 1, 2015

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Using Paul Fleishman’s book Weslandia in the garden:

Great Mentor Texts

I read Weslandia, the amazing picture book by Paul Fleishman, about a boy who does not quite fit in to his neighborhood, who creates his own civilization in his back yard. Then half my students set out to create SunflowerLandia, by transplanting sunflowers that had come up randomly throughout the garden and creating more sunflower rooms and houses for children to play in. Students wrote about what their SunflowerLandia would need to have in it, and what they would create out of their “staple crop,” as Wesley did in Weslandia.

When all the sunflowers had been transplanted, another group of children created a miniature Weslandia in our pollinator garden by making fairy houses.


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