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Making Cheese at Wild Willow Farm November 8, 2013

Filed under: Animals,Gardening,Gratitude — explorergarden @ 8:06 am

Our Farming 101 class at Wild Willow Farm learned how to make living foods from our produce today:

First, chevre from the farm’s goat milk;

Here are the steps to making chevre, or goat cheese.

Take goat milk — fresh, or store-bought, either will do. Cat heated  the milk to exactly 90 degrees, added cheese culture — the appropriate bacteria — then let it sit 8 hours, covered. The resulting “cake” was then drained in a colander and covered to release the whey; later, salt and herbs were added.


IMG_0603 IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0607 IMG_0610 IMG_0611


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