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Eulalie’s First Egg — or 6! January 25, 2013

Filed under: Everything Under the Sun — explorergarden @ 6:01 am

Eulalie was the second chicken to make an egg. We didn’t know she was laying until one day she went missing. Three chickens were present and accounted for — and one was gone. The green-eyed chicken, Eulalie. A long search had us ready to head to the neighbors’ house to see if she’d hopped the fence. Then we saw her — curled up under a bush against the house. And underneath her fluffy feathers — an egg. No, 2–3? Then 3 more? Holy Chicken! Eulalie had been hoarding eggs for a week! 

Later I heard her crowing and Bk-Gawing! She had laid another egg, and this one GIGANTIC! That egg turned out to be a double yolk egg. 

Now we get an egg a day from Eulalie, and almost as many from everyone else. What a treat!Image


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