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Chick-a-Vision April 29, 2012

Filed under: Animals,Environmental Education — explorergarden @ 5:46 am

We have been spending a lot of time watching Chick-a-Vision lately. You see, Frances Chick got some new friends last week. Well, not exactly friends. When the three slightly larger chicks entered the big dog crate that Frances is now living in, it was clear that Frances was in distress. You could almost see the wheels of her little mind at work:

“Who are these people? And why are they in my space?”

The three chicks moved as a pack — or as a gang, as the case seemed to be. Frances retreated to the top of a cardboard box and turned her back. When the chicken pack would advance, Frances would retreat — into the box, behind the box, around the feeder — anywhere but near the fluffy threesome. She moved swifly and decisively. There was no question. Frances was freaked out.

Nonetheless, the process has been entertaining — even if it is at Franny’s expense. Each night, we’ve been watching the chicken sitcom  on our Chick-a-Vision. We don’t have, nor have ever had, a television, so we’ve never had the experience of watching TV while eating dinner. But the kennel is set up near the kitchen table. With a light on in the crate, and the wire door open, we can watch what the chickens are up to while we eat dinner. The gang is like the Three Stooges. Frannie is like the poor normal person who encounters the Stooges: bothered and bewildered by the whole experience.

We think the main issue for Frances was that she had never seen a chicken before the gang moved in. She may not have realized she was a chicken. She might have considered herself a person. What a rude awakening! Like getting three pushy sibling at the same time.

A week later, however, Franny is beginning to adjust. She will eat with the others now – – Cleopatra, Bruce (the Boss) and (a tentative name) Houdini (for an escape attempt). But she still will not lie down with the crowd. REalistically, they hardly lie down with each other — they are always pushing the others off the roost.

Tomorrow, we build a coop out of our play structure!



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