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Heavy Little Eggs March 14, 2012

Filed under: Everything Under the Sun — explorergarden @ 4:26 am

We’ve gotten into a rhythm, these eggs and I. I get up early, turn them, put in a fresh, wet paper towel, make sure their temperature is ok, then go to the gym. When I return, I turn the eggs again — one quarter turn — and check the temp again, and leave the incubator cracked a quarter inch to try to control the temperature during the day. When the kids and I leave the house, we give the eggs a little word of encouragement. Then I head off to work to check the eggs in my classroom, and do the routine of turning them, making sure they are the right temperature and humidity levels throughout the day. 

It is now day 10. My prediction is that the eggs at school will hatch, but the eggs at home will not. One long day we were out of the house too long — work/school/play practice, karate — and came home to find the temperature in the incubator too hot, and the humidity level too low. I think they will not survive the experience. But in case I am wrong, I don’t want to turn the incubator off. I will wait until hatching day, eleven days from now, and see. So, I continue to turn them, check on them, keep them moist, and hope for the best for these little eggs.


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