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I am not a Hen — Day One March 6, 2012

Filed under: Animals — explorergarden @ 5:37 am

I am not a hen. I don’t have a big feathery behind to nestle over these eggs. I don’t have exactly the right body temperature to keep them warm. And while I have a genuine desire to do right by these little eggs, I am awfully ill-equipped to give them what they need. I have technology — such a poor substitute for mother love! So, I turn them, check them — adjust the top of the incubator, add more water to the sponge — anything to help them stay healthy! Oh, dear eggs! When I go to work, I worry about you! When I go home, I worry about the eggs in my classroom. Little eggs, I am praying for you! I’m not sure what else I can do, as I am not a hen.


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