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Hummingbird Babies! March 5, 2012

Filed under: Animals,Environmental Education,Gratitude — explorergarden @ 6:03 am

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Three weeks after we saw the mother sitting on eggs in the icy cold rain, we found two fat and fuzzy baby hummingbirds crammed into the nest so tightly there was no possible way the mother could sit anywhere on top. In fact, she was nowhere to be found, which was rather worrisome. Then, last week, another storm blew through, this time with rain pouring in buckets and hail the size of a hummingbird egg. We went out the next day to check on them, and there they were, shivering slightly, and — was it my imagination? — steaming in the sunrise.

This morning I went out again. It was hot today, spring all over, and dry as a bone. And there they were, eyes bright as adult humminbirds, sitting up in a dignified way, feathers sleek. The mother is still nowhere to be seen, but she obviously is taking care of them, as they looked healthy and much bigger than last week. How they are sitting in that little next together, I can’t imagine, unless they stretch it somehow!



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