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Gopher it! December 12, 2011

Filed under: Everything Under the Sun — explorergarden @ 6:24 am

A crowd of children was playing in my backyard today. Two rushed in.
“The grass is moving!”
I ran out to look. The grass was indeed moving, though nothing on top of the ground was moving it. The children looked around for signs of what might be moving the grass, and lo and behold! We have a gopher. While we haven’t seen his face yet, he has left highway of dirt in his wake — heading straight for our vegetable garden! What will we do? We discussed it at dinner:
Invite in a predator — find a gopher snake in the canyon and bring it back to the yard? Build a hawk perch on the fence (he’s too far underground to be bothered)?
Find a trap and release trap — I got in trouble once for release a field mouse in a city-owned field, so that doesn’t sound appealing.
Any ideas, readers?


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